Monday August 6th @University of Bath, 5W2.1

The aim of this meeting is to discuss current trends in the design of multifunctional drugs and bio-sensing systems.

The symposium will focus on current state of the art in nanomaterial synthesis, supramolecular chemistry to design systems for particular functions.


10.50 Introduction – Tony James Talk Title
11.00 Kazuo Sakurai University of Kitakyushu Shape Persistence Micelles Made from Rigid Macrocyclic Aromatic Building Blocks
11.30 Sofia Pascu University of Bath Fluorescent small molecules and carbon nanotubes for biomedical imaging application
12.00 Phil Gale University of Southampton Anion transport with small molecules
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Pedro Estrela University of Bath Label-Free Biosensors using Field-Effect Devices
2.30 Jonathan Kitchen Trinity College Dublin Amphiphilic Lanthanide Complexes – New Sensors Using the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
3.00 Katie Joliffe University of Sydney Anion Recognition with Cyclic Peptide Receptors
3.30 Coffee and Posters            Powered by Chemistry Central
4.00 John Fossey University of Birmingham Towards New Drugs
4.30 Chris Frost University of Bath Site-Selective Catalysis and Conjugation
5.00 Richard Guy University of Bath Noninvasive sensing of glucose and other analytes across the skin
5.30 Poster Prizes and Close


  • Bath delegates – free (no registration required)
  • External delegates not submitting a poster  – £25 (registration required)
  • External delegates submitting a poster – free (registration required)
  • External delegates submitting poster and requiring accommodation – £200 (registration required, please note that the fee does not include meals)

Please register HERE. Please note that registration does not include meals.


  • Not submitting a poster no deadline
  • Submitting a poster August 3rd, 2012
  • Requiring Accommodation July 22nd, 2012
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